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    Talking New to prepping

    Hello all, I'm new to prepping... I live in South Florida and want to talk about SF prepping... I know we're different from many places since we're surrounded by ocean on 3 sides and not much above sea level... I look forward to reading more.


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    Re: New to prepping

    Welcome Pete! Glad to see another SF Prepper! I'm sure we can talk about a range of SF things that don't necessarily work anywhere else in the country.

    The flat, low level of our geography does cause me concern, but it would have to take polar ice caps melting to make it to where I live, so I'm not sure if it would affect you or not. If you're on the coast (of ANY place in the US) you are much more vulnerable and more likely to disasters. That being said, prepping is all that much more important!

    Any of the admins would be more than happy to help answer questions. WELCOME!
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    Re: New to prepping

    Welcome to the board Pete !!

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