Prepping 101

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My friend Joe and I started talking about prepping years ago but we only recently (within the past few years) started doing something about it. I think many people are just intimidated by it, while others don't want to feel like they're "one of those nuts".

Well I can tell you that there's nothing nutty about wanting to ensure the safety of your family should a disaster (natural or man made) befall us. You have car insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, home insurance, maybe others I can't think of, so why wouldn't you want disaster insurance? I for one found that prepping is F U N. It's fun because we get into things like wilderness survival, maybe do a little camping and drill baby drill.

I wish to extend a hearty laurel to you our... latest prepper visitor! Let's talk about all things prepping.

We also have a prepper store that has (and will have) things for your prepping needs that are at as much of a discount as we are legally allowed to make them.

We don't like to make money, we just like to prep. Heh heh heh...

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  1. DieselJoe's Avatar
    WORD! Prepping is the best. be ready for anything and you can sleep better at night.
  2. ExtremeJM's Avatar
    Personally I find it's not only necessary, but irresponsible for you NOT to prep. I think I can make the argument that being prepared is just something you should do for your family to keep them safe.
  3. DieselJoe's Avatar
    word nigeria.