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  1. Who's the prepper politicians of today?
  2. Will Hidden Issues Make The Agenda Next Term?
  3. What Issues Did The Candidates Miss?
  4. Voting Queue Etiquette: Hey, Buddy, That's Out Of Line!
  5. Guide For The Day: An Election Day Timeline
  6. The Battle For Congress: Senate And House Races To Watch
  7. GOP Eyes Gains As Voters In 11 States Pick Governors
  8. Voters To Settle Tight And Turbulent Presidential Battle
  9. Nev. No Longer Reliably Red As Demographics Change
  10. Update From Iowa: Voting, Recent Obama Rally
  11. Voting In Wisconsin: New Rules Make It Easier
  12. Ohio And Florida: Checking In With Two Key States
  13. Update From Fla.: Poised For Challenges
  14. Update From N.H.: Early Start, New ID Law
  15. Update From Ohio: Ballot Dispute
  16. Sandy Likely To Affect New York Voter Turnout
  17. If You Voted Election Day, Tell Us What You Saw
  18. For Obama, Vindication, But Not A Mandate
  19. Republican Response Likely To Be Tactical, Not Transformative
  20. Media Circus: Fox Struggles With Obama's Win
  21. Two Columnists Weigh In On GOP's 'Very Bad Night'
  22. Exit Polls Show Similarities To Obama's '08 Coalition
  23. Russia's Putin Welcomes Obama's Re-Election
  24. Obama Made Gains Among Latino, Black Voters
  25. In Storm-Ravaged N.J. Town, A Scramble At The Polls
  26. How Important Was Gender Gap In 2012 Election?
  27. In North Dakota, A Tale Of Two Ticket-Splitters
  28. Lessons From Election 2012: Demographics, Spending
  29. Election Night Was 'Dismal' For The Republicans
  30. Israeli Prime Minister Congratulates Obama
  31. China Greets Obama's Re-Election With Muted Relief
  32. Obama Needs To Work On 'Tax Fairness'
  33. Stocks Fall On 'Fiscal Cliff' Fears
  34. Does Second Term Give Obama Foreign 'Flexibility'?
  35. Did Obama Win Or Did Romney Lose?
  36. Former Speechwriters On Message
  37. Tell Us: Why Did Obama Win?
  38. 5 Truisms About the 2012 Election ... That Weren't True
  39. Women And Latinos Propelled Obama To Victory
  40. After Election, Congress As Divided As Ever
  41. Controversial Members Of Congress Come And Go
  42. How Obama Took The Battleground States
  43. Senate Democrats Add To Majority: Caucus Now 54 Plus One
  44. After Romney's Loss, Mormons Lament What Might Have Been
  45. GOP Must Regroup, Redefine Itself After Election
  46. 'Midwest Firewall' Helps Secure Obama Victory
  47. Florida Still Tallying Ballots With Obama In The Lead
  48. After Disappointing 2012, What's Next For Tea Party?
  49. Statistician Nate Silver Scores Big On Election Night
  50. Black Voters Still Enthusiastic About Obama
  51. How To Cope If Your Candidate Lost
  52. Did SuperPAC Money Hurt Romney More Than It Helped?
  53. Outside Groups Spend Big On Elections, But Don't Have Much To Show For It
  54. California Keeps Death Penalty, Amends 3-Strikes Law
  55. Fixing Long Election Lines May Be Easier Said Than Done
  56. 2012 Election Highlights Divide Over Abortion
  57. Republicans Review Election Results For Insight
  58. Three More Stories That Help Explain Why Obama Won
  59. 5 Foul-Ups In The Romney Campaign
  60. Once Again, Florida's Voting Doesn't Add Up
  61. What Did The Billions The Campaigns Spent Buy?
  62. What Did The Billions The Campaigns Spent Buy?
  63. 'Drunk Nate Silver' Parody Wakes Up After Real Nate Silver's Big Score
  64. VIDEO: Obama Tears Up As He Thanks Campaign Staff
  65. Romney Campaign Needed 'Conservative Issues'
  66. What Earthquakes Can Teach Us About Elections
  67. 'Let Mitt Be Mitt': But Who Was He?
  68. Voters In Swing Counties Revisit Election Issues
  69. Likely Suspects: Guessing Obama's Second-Term Cabinet
  70. Florida's Most Populous County Finishes Vote Count
  71. For Religious Conservatives, Election Was A 'Disaster'
  72. Elated Kenyans Revel In Obama Win
  73. Four Days Later, Florida Declares For Obama
  74. What An All-Female Delegation Says About N.H.
  75. Why Election Day Was Sort Of Like Mother's Day