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  1. From Pot To Guns To School Funding: Here's What's On The Ballot In Your State
  2. Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Where She's In A Virtual Tie With Trump
  3. One Reason Why Florida Remains Purple: Seniors in Sumter County
  4. Who Exactly Qualifies As A 'Bad hombre?'
  5. Oregon Occupation Unites Native American Tribes To Save Their Land
  6. Colorado Votes On A Ballot Measure To Make It Harder To Pass Ballot Measures
  7. Hispanic Voters Key In Deciding Nevada's Tight Senate Race
  8. As Race Enters Homestretch, Many Voters Feel Campaign Fatigue
  9. Young Republicans At Ohio State Ponder GOP's Future After Donald Trump
  10. Michelle Obama Appears With Hillary Clinton In North Carolina
  11. Double Vision: At Trump, Clinton Rallies In Fla., Divergence Is Clear
  12. 'Bill Clinton, Inc.': WikiLeaks Shows Foundation Donors, Personal Cash Overlap
  13. The Case For Republicans To Consider Merrick Garland's Nomination
  14. The First 100 Days: What Clinton And Trump Want To Get Done
  15. WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton Aides Knew They Had An Email Problem On Their Hands
  16. Dedicated California Democrat Praises Clinton For Her Toughness
  17. As Democrats Eye Senate Control, GOP Likely To Hold Slim House Majority
  18. Clinton's Email Server Back In Spotlight After WikiLeaks Release
  19. Trump Attends Grand Opening Of New Washington, D.C., Hotel
  20. After FBI Shakes Up Presidential Race, Candidates Try To Adjust And Capitalize
  21. KKK Paper Endorses Trump; Campaign Calls Outlet 'Repulsive'
  22. How To Win The Presidency With 23 Percent Of The Popular Vote
  23. Court Hears Dispute Over Canceled Voter Registrations In North Carolina
  24. How Officials Secure The Ballot: With Multiple People, Multiple Checks
  25. With A New Sense Of Urgency, Clinton Stumps In Crucial States
  26. The Race Tightens, But Trump Still Faces Hurdles In Key States
  27. In The U.S. And U.K., Anti-Establishment Voters Sound Similar Themes
  28. Why Tobacco Companies Are Spending Millions To Boost A Cigarette Tax
  29. More Surprises: FBI Releases Files On Bill Clinton's Pardon Of Marc Rich
  30. Economists Warn: Trump 'Promotes Magical Thinking And Conspiracy Theories'
  31. Illinois Governor Spends Big On Downballot Republican Races
  32. Elections Expert Breaks Down Early Voting Data
  33. Trump Communications Adviser Weighs In On State Of Campaign
  34. Ohio Volunteers Remain Steadfast In Support Of Donald Trump
  35. Episode 413: Our Fake Candidate Meets The People
  36. Gun Control Groups Aim Their Money At States And The Ballot
  37. State Judicial Elections Become Political Battlegrounds
  38. Voters To Weigh In On Variety Of Ballot Measures On Election Day
  39. Clinton Campaign Manager Outlines Closing Arguments Before Election Day
  40. Ohio Republicans Consider Future Of The GOP After Divisive Election
  41. Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton In North Carolina
  42. Platform Check: Trump And Clinton On Health Care
  43. 'Late Show' Host Says He Has Finally Found His Post-'Colbert Report' Voice
  44. As Calls Of A 'Rigged' Election Continue, Voting Officials Highlight Open Doors
  45. College Republicans At Ohio State Consider The Future Of The GOP
  46. Melania Trump Headlines Campaign Rally In Suburban Pennsylvania
  47. Financial Markets Get The Jitters Ahead Of Election Day
  48. In Las Vegas, Clinton Volunteers Remain Enthusiastic Close To Election Day
  49. Democratic Party Sues GOP Over Alleged Voter Intimidation
  50. As Trump's Odds Of Victory Rise, Financial Markets Get Nervous
  51. Women Set To Make Gains In Congress, But Still Have A Long Way To Go
  52. The 'Dangerous, Volatile Game' Trump Plays With The White Working Class
  53. Obama Tries To Bridge A 'Black Enthusiasm Gap' In Florida
  54. Too Many Ballot Measures? Just Explain Them In Song
  55. Complaints Of Media Bias Come From All Sides This Season
  56. Millions Expected To Vote Before Election Day
  57. It's An Oft-Repeated Line, But Did Clinton Really Laugh At A Rape Victim?
  58. Watch: Clinton Campaign Deliberately Trolls Trump With Ads
  59. In Youngstown, Ohio, Support For Trump Echoes Memories Of Local Political Hero
  60. The Business Ballot Battle Creating A Wedge Among Detroit Voters
  61. 46 States Request Help From Homeland Security In Protecting Voting Systems
  62. Week In Politics: Candidates Make Closing Arguments To Voters
  63. A Tale Of Two Counties: A Visit To A Swing State's Richest And Poorest Places
  64. Here's Why Hillary Clinton's Troubles Aren't Millennials' Fault
  65. U.S. Wages Rising At The Fastest Pace In Years Amid Solid Hiring
  66. The Gender Gap In This Election Could Be The Biggest In At Least 60 Years
  67. Only A Few Blocks Will Separate Clinton And Trump On Election Night
  68. Polarization, Lack Of Productivity Likely To Reign In Congress After Election
  69. Rep. John Lewis Stumps For Hillary Clinton
  70. Trump Surrogate Argues The Candidate's Case For Latinos
  71. Along A Milwaukee Bus Line, Voters Share Frustration
  72. Democrat's Voter Intimidation Case Goes Before Federal Court Friday
  73. Watch: Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage At Reno Rally
  74. Barbershop: Checking Back In On Voters Before The Election
  75. Immigrants Temporarily Shielded Under DACA Worry About Election's Consequences